Wednesday, 3 June 2015

KARA ZOR - EL Part Three The SuperGirl of Fashion

Between the late 1960's into the 1970's Supergirl grew up and her costume started reflecting that and the time she lived in.

No more plain dress with the same overall look of her cousin the Man of Steel. Now Super Girl got modern, and adopted many looks.

Some would last for a time, some would go and come back later.... and some would be forgotten and unforgettable too.

Whilst the colours were constant, Yellow, Red & Blue.  and The Super Crest looked the same, even if the sizes did differ from look to look ,....  all costumes did come  with a cape after all, BUT some of the  combinations divide the fans.

One look that lasted a few issues was this one with the  Stripey Tights and PIXIE BOOTS

More Uniform than Costume

This look was later slightly altered with different coloured leggings.

The next look look was a a case of less is better, No Gloves and no long tights. More fit for a day at the beach than a day doing Battle for Truth Justice and The American Way !

Next time DC get it right !

Until then ENJOY !

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