Friday, 5 June 2015

KARA ZOR-EL The Super Girl of Fashion PART 4

With readers writing in with their own designs and the artists having a lot of fun meant that the Young Supergirl never seemed to wear a "New" Look very LONG.

However, a Super Costume did finally pop up that had a good look and balanced the 1970's fashion style and feel.

Again this costume would only last a short time, but by the time the readers had seen it the guys at DC knew they were onto a winner.

Here is the first attempt at a look that would be later adopted.

Supergirl was onto a winner here.

As you can see, the shorts have filly bobbles attached and the foot wear is far from being perfect.

As feed back takes a time to get to the powers that be at DC and Artist can draw some strips  many months in advance of publication it would take a while for the previous costume to re revisited.

Next up was the so called Battle Suit of the Maid of Steel.  This costume was very busy but elements of it would later be used in more modern times.

Red with gold edging would later be a look that Kara would embrace, but not yet.

This suit design would be recoloured a few times, but would ultimately be replaced by the previous look, with a few tweaks to the footwear.

Battle Suit Mark 2 with bi coloured cape

This cape look would again be adopted many  decades later.

A third try at this costume in my option was really the inkers or printers getting it wrong.

More suited for the legion of Super Heroes than the normal Universe.

Finally DC returned to the Big Blue Blouse and Small Logo and Hot Pants Look.

Finally Kara got a great new  look, OK the shoes would be replaced by boots in the end.

This look would stick around for the rest of the 1970's into the 1980's with better boots and better shorts.

Next Time we will look at the Finished Article.

Until then ENJOY !

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