Sunday, 28 June 2015

KARA KOR-EL The Super Girl of Fashion Part 6 The Headband and the Movie

In SuperGirl got another make over. It seems that the guys at DC decided that the Maid of Might may be looking a bit old fashioned in her hot pants and blouse combination.

This was the 1980's and the era was all about leggings, leotards and head bands. Think Olivia Newton John and Physical.

So good bye Blue Blouse, hello Rah-Rah Skirt and Head Band. This added to a new curly  hair do and Super Girl was again fit for the modern day.

Lets get Physical !

Fans were not that impressed but they got used to it.

Around the same time, DC were approached to have there Female Star from Krypton made into a movie star. It had worked with Superman so why not with his little cousin too.

Although a costume featuring a headband was originally considered and a trial one made, it was decided that SuperGirl would have a more old school look.

Something Old, something New, something Borrowed, something Blue

This costume combined many of the features from Kara's passed fashion looks. As well as playing homage to the Superman suit already worn by Christopher Reeves in his first two movies.

Here is my take on the 1984 Helen Slater's SuperGirl.

Although not a flop at the cinema's the world maybe was not ready to see if a Woman was really able to fly !!!!!

Here is the two side by side for the first and last time.

Next time its Crisis Time for Super Girl.

Until then ENJOY !

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