Tuesday, 16 June 2015

KARA ZOR-EL The Super Girl of Fashion Part 5 into the 1970's

After one or two tweaks Super Girls look for the rest of the 1970's into the 1980's was finally complete.

The final version of the Blouse shirt with small emblem costume would become a classic.

The smaller emblem would allow the artist better freedom to show the female form. Like the Eagle and WW on Wonder Woman's chest, the Super Logo with all its curvy lines could cause problems to some artists. A small Super Crest made the job easier.

No longer was Kara just a Superman clone in a blond wig. No longer was Kara a silly school girl with super powers, No longer was Kara a victim of fashion...... She was now Kara Zor-El , aka Super Girl or should it have been Super Young Adult !!!

Here is the final version of the costume.

The Look was NOW complete.

Here is a look at the various versions that evolved into the final classic Super Girl look.

A Super New Look

Next time Kara gets to go to the movies not before getting a head band. !

Until then    


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