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When Supergirl's existence finally became public knowledge soon she was having adventures all by herself.  No longer a secret uncover operative in training. She would Team up at times with Barbara Gordon aka BAT-GIRL and his meant that the Maid of Steel started to grow up a little. Both her and Bat Girl were approximately 18 - 19 years old, and unlike Bat Girl who was basically a disguised librarian  who pretended to be a wallflower, SuperGirl  was just plain Kara Zor-El , a teenager from Krypton who just happen to have super powers.

Super Girl had had various versions of her initial costume but it was felt by DC that Supergirl should move with the times and adopt a modern look.

Wonder Woman in the 60's was now de powered and more Spy than Super Hero. This gave Princess Diana's writers a chance to have a hero minus any regular costume or look. ( Have a look at my Wonder Woman pages a few months back.)

Supergirl doing Super things in modern clothes would not work, however a Super Girl dressed in a costume that reflected a more modern look was in order.

Her first "New Look" was courtesy of the Fashion Boutique that Diana Prince worked out of.

This look only lasted a few issues and did vary each time. This was more to do with the artist than a design change.

New look with Long Boots, Gloves and High Collar

Later updated without Gloves and slight colour changes

Another thing that the guys from DC would play about with was Kara's Hair. This would change to reflect the latest fashion looks too,

DC started getting readers writing in with their designs on a new Super Suit for The Maid of Might. Some made it into the pages of the comic, whilst some did inspire and were later used.

Here is another one of the 1960's-70's looks.

This body suit would again be popular but only for a short time.

Next time More Super Fashion Faux-Pars and some Super Looks too.

Until then ENJOY !

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