Monday, 11 May 2015

The Coming of The SUPERGIRL Kara Zor-EL

After a few reader test stories involving Super powered Characters in the forms of female versions of the Man of Steel in 1959 the first real Super-Girl appeared in Action Comics #252

She was not an imaginary character or magically empowered woman, she was a true daughter of Krypton. Not only was she another survivor of the doomed planet, she was Kara Zor-El, first cousin to Kal El aka Superman. Kara'a father Zor EL was brother to Jor EL father of the man of steel.

Although her origin story would be changed and revised over the years, she remained mainly the same person through the years.

Unlike Kal-El who arrived on earth as a baby, Kara arrived on Earth as a Teenager, and she knew all about Superman and his powers. Arriving on Earth she was already dressed in a female version of Superman's uniform to both help Kal-El better accept her as his cousin and her also being from Krypton.

Here is what the original Super Girl looked like.

Kara Zor-EL arrives on Earth

The original Dress had a filly edge, but this would soon change

This look was kept for many years, as was the case in those days at DC. Today a character does seem to have a new look every other week.

She did have some minor changes, but not anything too different.

Small changes as Super Girl Matured 

But  as the 1960's moved on she did have a chance to go modern.

Next time we will look at Super Girl's reader inspired looks.

Until then ENJOY !

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