Friday, 6 February 2015

Wonder Woman Hits 600 , and Changes Yet Again.

As the first decade of the New Millennium was coming to a close Wonder Woman was about to get another make over. The Wonder Woman comic had been renumbered many a time in the last few decades, mainly to get new readers on board, and allow for some complete rewrites of Princess Diana's history and back story. As it turns out by 2010 taking in connection all the past Wonder Woman main titled comics would now  be reaching its issue 600#. Not bad for a Comic featuring a Girl in a mostly Boy-Fan based  industry.

By this time DC had gone through many changes. It had been through more " Crisis' " than any other comic publishers. Many of the most popular Heroes had been rebooted, killed off, deleted from History, brought back to life, altered, re altered, redesign, re worked etc many times over. It now seemed that it was no longer OK to have a character have too much back history, as it gave new writers problems in not always allowing them the freedom they wanted or demanded in some cases.

If a hero or villain in the 1960's  was compared to his or her counterpart in the 1940's or 1950's they would be basically the same. This was true also in the 1970's and 1980's. The first Crisis, did sort out a better understanding of DC Universe History. ..... But once DC had got away with this stunt (which had worked) they kept on doing it again and again and again.

Every year it seemed another Crisis was on the horizon. It was done to encourage new readers, whilst the older ones either accepted it or moved onto another comic title or in some cases other comic companies.

Sometimes it did not take a Crisis to change a character, it took clever marketing by the Comic industries. Which brings me back to Princess Diana.

With issue 600# looming and with the Amazonian Princess now being around for nearly 70 years it was decided to bring a more updated Wonder Woman to the World. She would have the same values, be a bit more feisty, and look like she belonged in the modern times,  No more Skimpy shorts, forget the stiletto boots this time, with less flesh on show this time, it was a case of  More Wonder, less Woman.

At the same time a new TV show was going to be launched with Wonder Woman the star, More gritty and exiting than the original 1970's comic cut version seen before. However, the pilot never went down well with the Broadcasters or schedulers and this project was shelved. However in June 2010, the new Wonder Woman appeared on the scene.

She was more violent than she had previously been.  She worn long trousers and no more long boots. Her Tiara was more like a head hand... but no more bare shoulders. The new Wonder Woman wore a Jacket.

Here is Wonder Woman as she appeared in June 2010 and issue 600#

The "NEW" WONDER WOMAN from issue 600 #


The new look made the New Paper Head Lines all around the world. Some loved the new look, but most hated it.  Soon she lost the Jacket and continued on for a few more issues until DC re booted the Whole of their Universe and Titles. Soon the New Jacket was ditched also. This turned out to be a very short re working of the Princess, as soon she was to be consigned to the past.

After this total reboot, no one was as they were before. Every ones back story was now retold. For some it was a complete make over, for others it was a re interpretation, for others it was oblivion.

Wonder Woman got another Make over, but is now considered she is Wonder Woman in name only as her history and past is now so different she is not considered the same person anymore by some fans.

However, as the so called NEW 52 continues many characters now seem to be adopting many of their previous characteristics , and with Multiple Worlds  now being re introduced, the question is " How Longer Before its all Game Over for the New 52 ? "..... so where does that leave Diana and her friends ? only time will tell if one day the True Wonder Woman, the girl made from Clay will return wearing her Red White and Blue Costume,

Next Time a final peak at Diana... Until then


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