Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wonder Woman and A New Frontier

I cannot finish my story of Wonder Woman and her ever changing look without mentioning  how she along with the rest of the DC Universe were re-imagined by Darwyn Cooke in the 2004 mini series " A NEW FRONTIER "

Basing it's story and characters from the Golden and Silver Ages of DC, it had a retro look that gave the characters an fresh look but in an old style way. A way when stories were more straight forward and Heroes were Heroes, and the Bad Guys were real Villains.

Here is my take on the Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman Look.

This turned out to be very tricky to do, as Between the original Comic Book Series, the later stories and the DVD film, a few adjustments had been made to the over all look.  This is as close as I could hope at a Cooke inspired Wonder Woman.

The Retro Warrior Princess

Here is another complete with Darwyn Cooke style "Eyes"
Wonder Woman after Darwyn Cooke

Who knows I may do a New Frontier group of heroes in the future.

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