Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Original Earth 2 Fury. Daughter of Wonder Woman or WAS SHE ?

I mentioned my love for the concept of the Original Earth 2 and the idea that these heroes from the golden age were allowed to grow up and age, and although via the "First" Crisis many of the heroes of this world would not and COULD not now exist the legacy of Earth Two still is around today.

One of the Biggest and popular Heroes from Earth Two "New" Generation was Power Girl , but as she was really a copy of Super Girl she was not totally original. She would transfer to the New DC One World Universe but would no longer be Kara from Krypton any more..... Watch this space Kara Zor-El maybe making an appearance to this blog very soon )

However the real breakout character from the 1970's version of Earth Two was the Huntress, daughter of Bruce and Selina Wayne, aka Bat-man and  Cat-Woman.
The BAT & The Cat and their Little Kitten or is that Hell Cat ?

As I covered Helena Wayne and her story a while back I will not bore you with re telling her tale.

However, a tie in to my look at all things Wonder Woman I need to acknowledge Hippolyta (Lyta)  Trevor , Daughter of Earth Two Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor.
GOOD The Idea and the  character      BAD Idea The Costume 

Lyta Trevor born with powers similar to her mother Diana, became a member of Infinity Inc in the 1980's, the Junior Version or "NEXT GENERATION"  the Old Justice Society of Earth Two made up of the Children of the WW 2 heroes.

The older Earth 2 Wonder Woman and her Daughter Lyta Trevor   aka The Fury.
Looks and Power from Her Mum Diana , But Hair from her Dad Steve's side of the family.

Her costume bears no relation to her Mothers Wonder Woman heritage and can be considered one of the worst ever designed. Never the less, Lyta Trevor as the Fury had a long career until The Crisis on Infinite Earths when she did survive, but now was  no longer the Daughter of Wonder Woman, but the daughter of the All Star Hero of  WW 2 ..... Helena Kosmatos who was herself was designed to help fit the gapes in the DC Continuity caused by Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman (and others) not existing at that time. Lucky for Lyta (named after Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons who was no longer her "Grand Mother" but a Legendary Hero that Helena liked ) her name and costume remained the same. Name Good, but Costume still sucked !

Here is my version of The New Fury from WW 2 Helena Kosmatos

Helena Kosmatos the Retro Post Crisis Wonder Woman replacement.

Another Mother Daughter Combination.
MOTHER ISSUES, will the Real Mother of Lyta Trevor please stand UP !

After a few years Fury (Lyta) would again become the Daughter of Wonder Woman after yet another CRISIS at DC.

Next time its a final Good Bye to Wonder Woman.

Until then ENJOY !

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