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Diana and most of the other Heroes in the DC universe had had many reboots or should I say adjustments over the years. Some were good and some not so. By the end of the first decade of the New Millennium comic sales were again not great, Fans now wanted something more from their Super Heroes, and in a attempt to win back the readers and add New ones to the fold DC decided to not just change one or two of their leading characters, they decided to change ALL of them and the Worlds in which they lived.

Called the "New 52" DC re worked every character. Some would be erased like Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl and other would be re born... IE Barbara Gordon was Bat-Girl again.

This overhaul of the characters did not stop at origin and back stories, it involved costumes as well. The idea was to bring a fresh look to all the Super Hero and Super Villain community.

This change was news around the world. Superman lost his trade mark RED Pants. as did Batman. (But Bats had lost his a while back when Bruce Wayne came back from the Dead a few years prior.) In all most heroes looked the same, but a bit more stylist you could say.

Wonder Woman too changed. Her Golden elements of her costume, Tiara, Eagle-WW, Girdle etc became Silver. Her Red boots changed from Red to Dark Blue. And her Short Pants became Long Tights.
No Eagle, no Bare Legs either !

Promotional pictures of the "NEW" look heroes were met with some positive supporters but many fans hated that Diana lost her trade mark short shorts with stars.  So a quick change redesigned Diana's tights back into shorts.
More leg and the Stars come Back

However,  some of the Art work on the covers had already been produced so in some of the first comics she worn Long and sometimes short pants. This was passed off as Wonder Woman having an alternative costume. Her Lasso remained Golden and she adopted the use of a Sword also. A Little bit more Warrior along with the Wonder.

So here is Princess Diana the Wonder Woman of the New 52.

A New Wonder Woman for a New Age

Next time a look back ward to time When Heroes where reaching New Frontiers .

Until then    ENJOY !

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