Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The 2000's and the Last ( REAL ) Wonder Woman Costume

As Wonder Woman entered the 2000's her look remained the same. The new Artists that drew Princess Diana in her own comic and in other publications would borrow some of the better looks she had had.

Some added more stars to her Pants, some changed her Earrings from ovals, to stars, to small round buttons, and by the end she stopped wearing them altogether . Some even played around with her Tiara . Well there was a short period when Princess Diana lost her Royal Title and her Tiara.  BUT this was restored and Wonder Woman continued.

By the Mid 00's her look was as basically as below. Still recognisable as Wonder Woman. No earrings, but it was still business as usual.

Princess Diana Circa 2006 - 2009 still a Wonder Woman

This look was soon to change again, for a final time and some would say for the worse.

Next time out with the old in with the new.

Until then   Enjoy

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