Saturday, 3 January 2015


Over the years Wonder Woman's look had remained static. With a few changes here and there. The Eagle may have gone, but it was now part of the Double W. However like most of the DC Heroes they had all been redefined.

Wonder Woman's history was now changed, she was no longer a Hero from the 1940's and therefore had not been part of WW 2. This change was OK, as after the Original Crisis Earth 2 was now gone, OK a few of those heroes remained, but for the main Golden Aged Heroes like BAT-MAN, SUPERMAN and GREEN ARROW their past was now erased.

This meant that the Golden Aged Heroes that had lived on Earth Two had no place in the New DC Universe. So good bye to Older WW who was killed off in the Crisis along with most of the duplicated heroes. BUT Young Super Girl was also killed off, and her older counterpart, Power Girl remained although she was no longer Krytonian and had a new origin. Donna Troy was now removed as being connected with Princes Diana, her Wonder Girl past was swept under the carpet, and as she now was Troia or a Darkstar, no one talked about her Amazon past life.

But Back to Princess Diana, she was now free of her past and with each new writer and Artist she continued to evolve.  However, when John Byrne took over the Wonder Woman comic  in 1993 it was all change.

He redesigned everything about WW. Her Look was now more Pointy, and she had less stars on her pants and a very large Tiara.

"The Pointy" WONDER WOMAN Circ 1993

Fans loved some of what John was trying to do, but did not love his "New" and Improved Amazon Princess.... so after a while his new WW was dumbed down a fraction. Less Tiara was better.  He did go onto introduced a new Wonder Girl, Cassandra Sandmark, who would be a key player in the New Young Justice Super Teen Group.

JOHN'S 1993 WW look and his later revised less is more Princess Diana.

However, soon John would kill off WW, and replace her, and whilst doing so would finally reveal Who and What Donna Troy really was.

Next Time Mother Knows Best for Wonder Woman.

Until then ENJOY.

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