Friday, 26 December 2014

Wonder Woman bids good bye to her Eagle and Hello to W W

Over the years apart from the time when Princess Diana gave up her Wonder Woman Powers and Costume in the late 1960's, her costume and look had basically stayed the same.

Tiara with a Red Star, Round  Red Ear rings (sometimes Stars), White or Golden Girdle, Blue Shorts (originally Skirt) covered with White Stars, Red Boots with or without white stripe and a Red Bodice with Eagle Breast plate.

OK sometimes different artists changed the length of shorts and played about with the number of stars on them. Too her boots would alter at times...... But her Breast Plate Eagle on her Bodice would remain. Again the look would constantly be changing, as some artists hated the problems drawing the Golden Eagle .... but at the end of the day it was always an EAGLE.

This was all going to change very soon.

In 1982 DC Comics decided to Trade Mark The Wonder Woman Logo.  As they had done with other DC Characters like Superman , Batman and Green Lantern. Unlike these Heroes their logos had been designed for them and were unique. BUT DC found it difficult in Trade Marking an EAGLE, and even if they managed it WW'S Eagle had no constant DESIGN and kept changing.

The Solution was simple, The Eagle was replaced with a similar looking Double W.  This was passed off in the comics as Princes Diana allowing a WONDER WOMAN no profit making Charity to use her and a new logo to promote their causes that The Amazon Princess would also adopt.

Therefore no more Eagle,

Here is a look at the 1982 new  WW Look.

Artist had always hated the problems that drawing the Eagle on a Curvy Bust, and now they had to cope with drawing straight lines on a Curvaceous Bust.

But the artist coped and over time even the Double W would alter, and sometimes resemble the old styled  Eagle.

But after WW got her own Reboot in the 1987, just like what had happened to both Superman & Batman, Diana become a little bit more Greek in appearance and background.

The New Wonder Woman was now seen as just coming to "MAN'S WORLD" and was more of an Ambassador for Her People than Hero. But this did not stop her fighting bad guys and gals in the process.

The Man change to her appearance was her Hair and a smaller stars on her pants and another change to her WW breast plate...... and her Tiara got Bigger and more pointed.

Next Time when Wonder Woman becomes a Queen rather than a Princess.

Until then ENJOY

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