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In the 1970's Princess Diana became even more popular as she was now part of the Hannah Barbara  cartoon series called SUPER FRIENDS. Starting in 1973 this series was in a nut shell  just The Justice League of America, with  Robin the Boy Wonder.  The addition to the superhero team a trio of sidekicks was also introduced, each of whom were new characters not drawn from the comic books, Twins Wendy and Marvin and their canine friend Wonder Dog who was  "Inspired" by the a certain Scooby Doo, these newbies were depicted as detectives and/or superheroes-in-training. These "new" team mates added the comedy element to the show.

As this was an animated show, all the established super heroes had to be more basically drawn, and Wonder Woman's costume was adapted. The Eagle breast plate was simplified and the stars became less and larger and her boots lost the white front stripe.

Here is the 1973-74 Super Friend inspired Wonder Woman.

This new look was later reflected in the comic book version, as now fans of the TV show began to read the comic adventures of the Amazon Princess.

The Comic Version circ 1973-74

Next Time the Eagle Finally flies the Nest

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