Friday, 28 November 2014

In her Satin Tights, Fighting for Your Rights...... TV's Wonder Woman

In 1975 Wonder Woman hit the Small Screen in a new live action show staring ex beauty queen Linda Carter as The Amazon Princess Wonder Woman.

The first series took place in the 1940's and WW dressed in a costume originally with skirt and then shorts very similar to that depicted in the comics.

By the time the show moved onto season two, WW was now based in the current time which was the 1970's. However her costume was updated and restyled. The main differences from the comic version of the costume and the TV show were basically the breast eagle, less stars on the pants and stars added to her bracelets.

The stories were not always that great, but most of the male fans watched for the stunning figure of Linda Carter, who is to this day regarded as the ideal WONDER WOMAN.

Here is my version of the Linda Carter  TV's Wonder Woman.

Next time back to the comics.

Until then ENJOY !

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