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Whilst Princess Diana of Earth One was spending the LATE 1960's and Early 1970's  as more Woman, than Wonder Woman, her Earth Two counter part was given the chance to shine.

The concept of Earth Two was now  a full part of the DC Universe. The simple idea that allowed the older stories of the current days heroes like Batman, Superman, and of Course Wonder Woman, could now be explained as these had been versions of the same heroes that had been born before World War II.  The old Justice Society now could exist along side the Newer Justice League, but on different Worlds.
Earth One & Two's Wonder Women 

The Annual meet ups between the Justice League and Society members were a hit with the readers. The Old Flash , and Golden Age Green Lantern could have adventures with the present days Flash & Green Lantern. Both Supermen could interact, and for a time Batman could also meet his now retired doppelganger Chief of Police Bruce Wayne.  This gave the artist a chance to make the differences between the characters fun to play with.

With Batman, it was simple the Bat Sign on the chest, With Superman it was the Sign on the chest, This and Grey Hair made Superman look different and older. ( Both Batman & Superman had slight costume changes in the early years, so this was simple...., the Golden Aged Heroes dressed the part, whilst the younger aged heroes dressed more up to date.) but the Golden Wonder Woman and her present day "Sister" had almost identical uniforms. Whilst Diana of Earth One was powerless and out of uniform that was OK, but once Diana of Earth One went Back to being Wonder Woman again with powers, lasso and Tiara, BOTH Amazon princess's NEEDED TO LOOK DIFFERENT.
Earth One Heroes along side their older versions of Earth Two 
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 The solution was simple....the idea was to start to have Golden WW dress in the 1940's look and start to have wrinkles and Greying hair. She was still super strong like the younger version, but she looked older. (which for a character that was now supposed to age is a funny concept in its self.)  BUT the look did work, and over the years both Wonder Women had many adventures with and without their League and Society Members. In time the older Wonder Woman would loose her curly hair and adopt a more straight style like the modern day WW of Earth One.  But changing artists would some times make Older WW look more Golden and add the full head tiara and curly locks back on the Princess's head.
The Differences not different enough
Now Both Wonder Women looked the same BUT Different.

Earth Two's WW was allowed to marry, and now was Mrs Steve Trevor, and it was also announced they had a daughter Lyta, who would also go on to be the hero FURY.

Next Time WW moves into the 1970's and gets another make over.

Until then ENJOY !

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