Tuesday, 20 January 2015


As mentioned previously, Diana had died and her mother Hippolyta, Queen of Paradise Island (or Themyscira as it was now referred as) had taken up the roll as Wonder Woman.

In a twist soon the New Wonder Woman was whisked back in time where she became a member of the War Time Justice Society of America.  Queen Hippolyta or Polly to her friends would spend many years in the past. Around the early 1950's she would leave the Justice Society and travel back to the moment she had left the future.  The World and The Justice Society believed she had returned to Themyscira, and so the legend of Wonder Woman would again be reset.  Now history would note that a person named Wonder Woman had fought along side the Justice Society during and after the second World War.

When Polly return to the present she found that her daughter had now renounced her God hood and was now "Mortal" and she was ready to take up her roll as Wonder Woman again. Queen Hippolyta returned the mantle of Wonder Woman to her daughter and return home to the Amazons. BUT instead of receiving a warm welcome, the Queen found that her being away from the Island has caused infighting in between different fractions of the Amazon society.  (This is a story for another time.)

With Diana back as the Wonder Woman she continued on as normal. Most people did not realise that any change had happened, except for her close friends and team mates.

Diana;s costume was slightly altered from that she had worn before her death, The WW was more pointed and Ear rings where now Stars  Again ! and her pants had more Stars on them..... but on the whole it was the same look.

Here is Diana in her "New" reworked Costume.

A last look at Queen Polly as Wonder Woman  and her Daughter Diana the new Wonder Woman too,

As Wonder Woman went into the New Millennium her look stayed basically the same. Artists came and went  and would add  some thing to her look, but again it was not worthy of much mention.

However, a big change was about to happened, and next time we can see the last original look of the Wonder Woman, and a completely new one too.

Until the ENJOY !

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