Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wonder Woman, Mother Knows Best ! The NEW Golden Age

In the late 1990's with John Byrne still at the helm of the Wonder Woman Comic some big changes happened.

These were all inter connected and would in some way sort out some of the inconsistencies  of Wonder Woman over the years, and would finally confirm "WHO DONNA TROY !" was .

Originally Princess Diana first fought alongside the Heroes of World War Two in the 1940's. This past History was destroyed after the First Crisis on Infinite Earths. When all these stories prior to this period were put down as being the History of the Wonder Woman of Earth 2. The Earth that the Justice Society had originally lived.

In the new History Diana came to America much later during the 1980's, so in theory she never played any part in WW 2.

Well that worked until DC decided that the old Heroes of Earth Two Justice Society could now become part of the main stream DC Universe. The only changes were that the likes of Batman. Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow now had never been around in the War years, so were erased. Hawkman on the other hand was a problem, but he got a complete make over and became two different people with two different back stories.

BUT like trying to fix one inconsistency more always pop up. And DC would spend many years ironing out these problems. One of the Problems with deleting Wonder Woman from the past was the  problem of Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl . She now could no longer have any connection to Wonder Woman. As Donna now had joined the Teen Titans many years before Princess Diana ever become Wonder Woman. If you look at my Blog in 2012 you can see some of the story of Donna Troy.

In a Nut shell Wonder Girl had originally been Diana as a Girl, in the 1950's WW stories Diana would team up with her younger self (or is that Selves if you include Wonder Tot TOO !)  but due to a mistake when DC put together a "Junior Version of The Justice League"  the original Teen Titans, they included Wonder Girl, but with a clever re write Wonder Girl became not Diana as a Girl, but the Orphaned Donna Troy who had been adopted by Wonder Woman and her Amazon Sisters. This idea worked for many years...... but after the Crisis Donna lost her Amazon link, but by then she had stopped calling herself Wonder Girl, so it was not a big problem at DC.

Anyway back to John Byrne's all change with Wonder Woman. In 1997 he killed off Wonder Woman,well he killed off Princess Diana anyway.  A year before that he had introduced Cassandra Sandmark, who was now a "NEW" Wonder Girl.... But the biggest change was Princess Diana now dead became a God in Olympus meaning her Mother Queen Hippolyta  is forced to put on the Tiara and become Wonder Woman...... But in a twist she travels into the past to help the War Time Justice Society and in doing so becomes the "Golden Aged"  Original Wonder Woman.

Very complicated but it worked... and in doing so helped to finally define the true nature and identity of Donna Troy.  How and why Queen Hippolyta changed from being a Blond to a Raven headed beauty is still an unanswered question. And why she wore the tiara upside down is another !

Well Here is my version of Queen Hippolyta or Polly to her friends as Wonder Woman.

A  nod to the past gave Polly a more classic version of the Wonder Woman uniform with skirt. Unlike Diana this WW would sport a Sword and Shield and lasso as her weapons of choice.

with weapons

and Finally a look at the Golden Aged and the " New" Golden Aged Wonder Women together !

Daughter and Mother together for the first time.........

Well next time is all change again for Wonder Woman.

Until then ENJOY !

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