Thursday, 26 July 2012


Edward Blake from a young age was a troubled young man. He was known to use his fists first and talk second. But usually after he had used his fists, his adversary was never in a any type of state to hold a conversation, as they were usually unconscious or worse.   He invented his alter ego The Comedian around the age of 15, and had a long career as a masked vigilante.  He  had morals, his own warped morals of what he considered was right and wrong ......    He would crack jokes while he cracked skulls. He enjoyed his life as a Masked Marvel.

In the beginning he used his fists, but later on found that a base ball bat was more effective. Many thought he was a vicious and brutal young man.......  A title Edward was proud of.   The Truth is He WAS.  The Villians freared him....... as did his FRIENDS !



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