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Ursula Zandt was originally from an old Aristocratic Family  living in Austria.  As she was Jewish she was forced to leave her home country and travelled to the USA to escape from rise of the Nazis Party and persecution of Hitler

She had a unusual look and her masculine form of dress made her very distinctive.  In fact this look was more about HER than just a fashion statement.  Ursula was a Lesbian and although she was a female she adopted a more manly approach to her life. In the days before Woman's Lib, Ursula believed she and woman in general were equal to man, and in some cases BETTER.

She hated people praying in the Innocent or  the different.  So when she heard about a crooked publisher dealing with and making child pornography, she felt that she could deal with this and punish the guilty.

When she managed to find the whereabouts of the location  the films and photos were being taken , she ended up beating the Publisher and his camera man within a inch of their lives.  In the process she rescued a number of young children that had been kidnapped for the purpose of staring in the perverted feature films and photographs.

The Newspapers soon learnt about this female vigilante.  As Ursula worn no mask, her identity was never a secret. As much as the Newspapers praised her Heroic good deeds, they were always speculating about her.... and who or what she really was.

More about Silhouette later.

Here is my version of Silhouette,  in the original graphic novel, her costume was no more than a black cropped jacket with black riding trousers. In the Movie Watchmen her outfit was the same but had a more military look...... This is the look I have used .

The Movie Look

However, in the New comic version " Minuet Men " she has had a complete revamp, so I have done this version of Ursula also. Out go the Stilettos and in comes riding boots. The short Jacket is now a LONG flowing coat which is topped off with a Hat....... AND two Pearl Handled Revolvers.


Out of all the Minutemen,  The Silhouette is the only character to have her costume changed for the new comic book stories.   In the original she looked more mannish, where now her look reflects a more fashionable feminine look.... which I understand will be more in keeping with her back story.  No more Girlie Shoes..... now its sensible foot ware.


More Minute Mutts soon.



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