Tuesday, 10 July 2012

NITE OWL The Original

Hollis Mason originally came from Montana. The son of a Farmer, Hollis moved with his parents to New York City around the age of 12.

Whilst his Father worked at a garage that specialised in Motor Car repair , Hollis would regularly  help him. As the young Hollis grew up he decided to become a police officer and later influenced by the comic exploits of SUPERMAN and the real life Heroics of the Mystery Masked Man, The HOODED JUSTICE.... he decided that was the direction to go.

He designed his own secret identify and fashioned a costume.  When Hollis was not active as a police Officer, he became THE NITE OWL.

As the Nite Owl he found he could achieve more than he was able to as a Police Officer.... However he still needed to make money, so he had to balance his time as the paid law enforcement office with that of the freelance vigilante hero .

After all, the equipment he needed as The Nite Owl was not cheap to develop and design.  Lucky for him, the knowledge he had gained in working in the Auto Shop helped him make his unique Nite Owl equipment.



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