Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Not much is known about this Masked Marvel.  It is believed Dollar Bill was from Kansas and was a Star College Athlete.   His real name is not known, but it is possible he was called BILL

He became a SUPER HERO by accident after being employed by a National Bank to be their Super Hero MASCOT.... With the rise of the Masked Men, the Bank enjoyed the fact they had their own in house Super Hero looking after their Bank and the Customers money. (with World Banking as it is  today we could certainly use one these days !!! )

The Costume was designed and made by the Bank for Dollar Bill to Wear.  When he was not look after the Bank, he would spend time stopping crime on the Streets of New York.

However, the  costume, or namely  the CAPE was to prove  Bill's down fall.

DOLLAR BILL one in a Million

More about the Fate of Dollar Bill soon.


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