Thursday, 19 July 2012


BRYON LEWIS was better known to the World as MOTHMAN

He was the only member of the Minute Man who had the ability to fly through the air.  Well his large wings gave him the ability to GLIDE through the air would be more correct.

Originally  from Connecticut coming from an old American Family with  vast Wealth, Bryon would soon move to New York City in search of Fun and Adventure . During the 2nd World War he was a conscientious objector, but  this did not stop him from doing his bit. He would not carry a gun, but he would serve as a Medical Aide and saw front line action as a result.

After the war, Bryon went Back to his old life, as nothing more than a Playboy spending his time basically enjoying himself.  However, when he started to hear and see evidence of colourful costumed Heroes appearing in and around New York, Bryon decided to use his Money and spare time to become a Hero himself....... The MOTHMAN !

 Here is Mothman as originally shown in the Watchman Graphic novel. His costume was slightly altered for the Watchman movie.  Here is both versions of the Mothman.


More Minute Men soon


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