Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Adrian Veidtz believed himself to be the Smartest Man on the Planet. He also believed he was able to use 100% of his Brain and had total control over his Mind and Physical Body.  He was perfection with no equal on the Planet....... He Thought !

He Modelled himself on Alexander The Great and spent many years in his youth travelling the world in search of knowledge. Knowledge was Power, and with Power comes Control, and with Control comes the ability to make decisions for others...... He would be praised as a God..... No not A GOD, But as THE ONLY GOD.

Returning to the United States in his late twenties he decided to us his skill of Mental and Physical perfection in Crime Fighting, Calling himself Ozymandias.  He found that he could out think and wit most of his opponents with ease.

Growing tired of the task of being a crime fighter, Adrian retired and use his skills to start inventing things to better mankind.  Being rich had its advantages, but soon his personal fortune and influence meant he was a big player with the US Government even playing homage to him. Though his vast net work of companies he started to be able to manipulate rulers of other countries also.   He was King of the World, well in his mind he was.

However, The Smartest Man in The World had realised that the People of planet Earth would one day destroy each other  and in doing so destroy  HIS  planet. Believing that Mankind needed saving from itself, Adrian started to plan to ensure that war would not and could not happen.

He began to believe that it was his god given right to save humanity, and as a result started to look down on all others.  His Plan to save the World would result in killing thousands, BUT he thought it was the right thing to do. He was acting to save HIS people and HIS world.  They would be thankful to him he believed.

His plan was discovered in part by the Comedian, that is why Adrian had to kill him.... This was what sparked the reforming of the Watchmen, which ultimately brought all of them back together again.  Was this of  part Adrian's plan, or was it a miscalculation on his part.  Whatever the answer was the result was the same.  the World was saved but  at what price.  

Thousands of innocent people were killed , Two of the Watchmen were now dead, One had lost his humanity and left the Planet and one had got his victory, but had ruined his reputation in the process. The realisation of Adrian's acts could not be forgiven..... so it was decided that the truth could never be known. ( But secrets do have a habit of being unearthed in time)    Only Two of the Watchmen had a happy ending.... both finding Love and realising that if they wanted to live life to the full , They Needed to become Heroes again.



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