Friday, 11 May 2012


When Tony Stark invented his Iron man Armour little did he know that this would be defined at his greatest invention.

BUT using the Armour to destroy the weapons of war, many of which he help create, brought him into to conflict with his own government.

Trying to take the Iron man away from Tony, he reacted by broadcasting to the world.... THAT HE WAS IRON-MAN..... thus linking him and his creation together.

The secret organisation called SHIELD knew that Tony Stark and the Armour would be ideal for the TASK FORCE that they were trying to put together.

Director Nick Fury used Tony initially as his own agent to help track down and recruit possible members of The Avengers Initiative.

It soon became known that Nick Fury and Shield really did not want Tony Stark, they did want his expertise and his Iron man Armour BUT as Tony said, he was not a team player and did not like to share..... so Tony Stark and Shield parted company.

However, when  a Global Emergency raised its ugly head, Tony and Nick accepted that they both needed to work together to help defeat the enemy.

Here is my Dawg Version of IRON MAN from the Avengers Assemble Movie


More Avenging Avengers next time


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