Wednesday, 16 May 2012


When Dr Bruce Banner gets angry, he REALLY gets ANGRY.  When most of us see Red when we get annoyed, Bruce sees GREEN. As Brucie says " Don't make me angry, you would not like me when I get angry "

Nick Fury picked Bruce Banner for his team not just for his scientific knowledge and  technical know how, he picked Bruce mainly as with him you get two for the price of one.

Nick Fury and SHIELD knew that Bruce's other self could be, and would be an idea weapon  to use against any aggressor.  BUT this weapon came with a problem...... How does one control such vast power without having it destroy you in the process.

In the beginning The HULK was nothing but a uncontrollable Brute with little if any real intelligence. Simple thought processes like FIGHT RUN HIT ATTACK SMASH ( and some times FRIEND ? )  summed up the Less Than Jolly Green Giant.   However, as Time went on, more of Bruce's character started to emerge.  He is far from being Truly Bruce, but then again.... does Bruce really want to be the Hulk either.   The Hulk as still no Einstein, but he knows right from wrong and is willing to help others ( especially any one who befriends him )    He is what he is......   A Powerful Person with Great Strength but little inhibition of how he should OR should NOT use it.

The Hulk in the Avengers Movie shows Intelligence, but has the emotional characteristics of a Toddler , maybe a moody teenager at best.

He has some of the Best Scenes in the Movie.... Like his "Playful" Punch to Thor on the Shield Helli Carrier,   his "Playful" smashing  encounter with Loki at STARK TOWER and finally who did not laugh at  his unconventional way he revived a "Dying" Iron Man at the end of the Movie.

The Hulk proved that his Third Outing on the Big Screen was the Best Yet.




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