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THE NEW TEEN TITANS part Fourteen Enter Deathstroke

Last time I mentioned the First real Villain that took on the newly formed Teen Titans, Grant Wilson aka Ravager......  here is the final part of his story and the effect his involvement had on the young heroes. Unknown to Grant his "employers" HIVE had already started laying plans with their failed recruitment of his father aka Deathstroke.

Deathstoke refusing the contract to kill the Teen Titans

During the Titan's initial outing  when they all came together in part by manipulation OF Raven and later by aiding the then unknown  Starfire escape capture by her Alien pursuers , Grant Wilson got involved.

Whilst trying to recapture Starfire on Earth,  The Gordanians  came crashing into Grant's apartment, in NYC and  destroyed it in the process.  Grant blamed The TT's for both destroying his apartment, and later on  playing a major part in causing his girl friend to leave him.

This was not really true, the damage to his property  was an accident, and the girl friend Carol Stradky left Grant as she did not like his involvement with HIVE, also he had become abusive towards her..... and the fact that when both Wonder Girl and Starfire had witnessed his abusive nature towards Carol, Grant had ended up on the wrong side of a star-bolt from Korriand'a

In a bid for revenge Grant allowed H.I.V.E. scientists to give him superhuman enhanced powers. HIVE had wanted to use Grant as a guinea pig as they wanted to develop abilities some what identical to those of Deathstroke. (using the DNA samples obtained when HIVE tried to kill Deathstroke as told last time) Grant knew about Deathstroke and his abilities and status as  an Assassin, but he did not know that he was also his father Slade Wilson.

The HIVE upgrade seemed to be a success, and as payment to HIVE, Grant, now known as Ravager took as his first contract  to assassinate the Titans.
Grant Wilson aka Ravager "Agent of HIVE"

Dressed in a similar type of costume to  Deathstroke, Grant attacked the Teen Titans. His powers and skills seemed to be better than expected. He managed to best all of the Teen Titans. ..... But as Ravager moved in to finally kill each of the heroes his path was blocked by the mysterious figure of Deathstroke, who revealed  himself to be none other than Grant's Father Slade Wilson.

Deathstroke is Grant's Father Slade !!!!!!

 Slade  Wilson aka Deathstroke had become aware of his son's involvement with HIVE along with his recent "Upgrade"  BUT realising that the process was not safe warned his son that his new powers were unstable and slowly killing him. Grant aka Ravager refused to listen and fought on..... Little by little  Ravager started to  burn himself out fighting the Titans. The weaker he got the more his body started to deteriorate ..... finally collapsing and dying in his fathers' arms.

Ravager is dying as his body is burnt out 

Deathstroke told the Titans he blamed them for his son's pointless death, and promised them that he would one day fulfil his son's contract and terminate and destroy all of the Teen Titans. As nether Deathstoke or his shady past was then unknown to either Robin or the other Titans, and feeling that Slade  had suffered enough with witnessing  his son die,  the TT's allowed Deathstroke to leave the scene taking the fallen broken body of Ravager.

The Titans win the Battle but the Cost is too high!.

However, this would prove to be an unwise choice..... as Deathstroke would return many times in his quest to fulfil his promise to destroy them all.

SLADE WILSON promises to Avenge His Son by Destroying The Teen Titans

Next Time its Raven's Turn to have some Daughter - Father Time.

Until Then ENJOY !

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