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The New Teen Titans Part Fifteenth The Original Teen Titans Grow up

The New Teen Titans where now officially a team. The new set up of new and former members looked from the outset a winner to both the Writers and more important the Readers.

Unlike today, when some Origin stories can take Months or Even Years to finally be completely told, this was not the case with the New TT's.

Over the next few issues one by one each of the characters got to tell their stories which usually came with an altercation or interaction with people or persons from their past.

Dick Grayson aka Robin was a bit different, as his past was and had been known about by the readers for years. His "Back Story " revolved around his "relationship " with Starfire mainly. The two became a couple very quickly and again unlike tales of the past the two became "lovers" and sex became a part of their relationship. Also Dick began to question his relationship with Bruce Wayne aka Batman. HE was no longer "the Boy Wonder" junior partner of  Batman. He was a leader of the Teen Titans, who was on paper the weakest person in the Team, but proved time and time again that what he lacked in  Physical Power he made up with his keen mind and ability to bring the best out of those around him. Dick Grayson would grow as a Person to a point where he would evolve to became an equal of his mentor, not just a carbon copy...... AND as a result he would leave his Robin identity behind him in favour of a new title Nightwing !
Teen Titans in Love

As for Koriand'r aka Starfire, her past would soon catch up with her, with the reintroduction into her life of her sister Komand'r aka Blackfire. She learnt what it was like to be human, firstly with her relationship with Dick Grayson and also with her friendship of Donna Troy.... who would use Korry Anders as a model in her Photo Shoots.
Korry Anders the Newest  Model discovered by Donna Troy

Like Robin, Wally West would find his time with the Titans a refreshing experience. His relationship with his parents was in some way repaired.... but Wally could never seem to get their love or appreciation and as time went on they would drift apart....  he did try to start a relationship with his teammate Raven.... but this was never a "full on" relationship like Robin and Starfire. The fact that she had manipulated him in the beginning so he would join the TT's  would always cause him doubts.  He would have romance with his old Girl Friend Frances Kane (aka Magenta)  who would herself  reveal she had super powers herself. But this love and romance would also fizzle away. Kid Flash would some what remain the same during his time with this new set up of the TT's.... however come the DC event called Crisis of Infinity Earths. his life would change completely when he would replace his mentor Barry Allen as the New Flash !
The Complicated  Life of Wally West

The other Old "New" Teen Titan was Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl. As the new series of tales of the Teen Titans continued she reconnected with her past. Starting with tales connected with her adopted Amazon Family, along with the Greek Gods of old.  She also started to look into her own past, Who is Donna Troy was a long drawn out tale. Told in many parts of many years. Donna had known that she had been adopted by Queen Hippolyta after being rescued as a baby from a fire by Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana. This tale would later be itself rewritten and changed and finally Donna would realise that she was much much more that she could have even imagined. This whole story would take many years to be explored, and due to the complexity of the character, it would be changed and adapted involving a few name changes and changes of costume too. (see my past blog about Donna Troy)
Donna and her  " Mother " & Big " Sister" 

Garfield Logan aka Beat Boy aka Changeling would also get his chance to shine in the new TT's.  His relationship with his adopted Father Steve Dayton would be revisited, Dayton industries originally Bank Rolled the New Teen Titans, as Bruce Wayne had in some way declined to do this for personal reasons. This was good for the Titans as this meant that they did not have too much of an issue of having an ADULT tell them how to run the team. Also Gar Logan would bond with Cyborg and would become the closest of friends. In some way Gar understood Victor and the isolation he felt being part man and part machine. Garfield had first hand knowledge of this with his "uncle Cliff Steele" aka Robotman of the Doom Patrol. When Robotman came back into Gar's life it would forever connect the old Doom Patrol to the New Teen Titans.  Cliff would in some way help Victor deal with his "NEW" Body in a way only someone who had lived as a Robotic Freak could understand.
Garfield and his Amazing Robotic Friends

Victor Stone aka Cyborg would reconnect with his father Silas Stone, who he had blamed for his Mothers death and his accident. The mystery of the Titans Tower would be revealed as a "Gift" by Silas to his son to help him adjust and fit into the world as Cyborg.
Reunited Victor and his Father 

and Finally There was Raven, very soon she would be drawn into the Battle that she had originally formed the  Titans to fight. The mystery of Trigon and her birth would be finally revealed .... more of that next time.

Until then    ENJOY.

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