Thursday, 28 January 2016

THE NEW TEEN TITANS Part Thirteen Families and Friends.

Now that the new Teen Titans had been formed they soon found themselves at odds with a character who in some way would be their Krytonite. This character would end up being a thorn in the sides of all the Titans for Many Years to come. A character who's family would for ever be part of the Teen Titans Myth and legend.

Although Raven had gathered the new Teen Titans together to help her fight the Evil of her Father Trigon, this battle did not happen straight away. that battle would not happen until dear old Dad turned up in issue 5#.....  ( Although he did make one or two cameos in the lead up to the big showdown )
Trigon always forever  watching his Daughter Raven

The Titans first real enemy was Ravager.  Grant Wilson was the son of Slade Wilson who was in secret the mercenary the world who get to know as Deathstroke The Terminator.

Grant remembers his "dear old Dad" before his parents separated 

Although Grant idolised his father, he really did not know him too well as parents had separated when he was young. Grant had then spent many years away from home at military school were he tried to be as good as a solider as he believed his father was. Although Grant did not know, his Father took an interest in his son, but decided that any real direct contact would and could be dangerous for Grant as Slade had made many enemies  of the years. This was the major part of his parents splitting up, but Grant did not know the full story.

However, back to Grant Wilson.  after leaving Military school Grant moved to New York where he became involved in the Secret Organisation  know as H.I.V.E. Over the years HIVE acronym has altered (very Much Like Marvels S.H.I.E.L.D) but on the whole it stands for Hierarchy of International Vengeance & Extermination.  If  HIVE wanted or needed Grant Wilson for himself or his connection with his Father who by then had become himself super humanly enhanced, is not known....BUT Grant was granted member ship as a lowly soldier or as they called it minion.

HIVE had experimented with trying to enhance humans to superhuman over the years. Most had been less from successful. Again the HIVE Hierarchy did not worry about its failures, or who died in their experiments. All they worried about was building the weapons they needed to win their goal, World Domination.

Anyway, Back to Grant Wilson and his place in the Teen Titans story. HIVE had been keeping tabs on all the  possible threats to them. Mega Humans and Hero Groups and organisations alike. They had kept a close eye on the original Teen Titans, as they would one day be the replacement heroes that existed and would evolve to becoming the "next" Justice League type team. However, when the T T's had disbanded a few years ago, their treat as individuals was seen as small..... BUT now a New Team of Titans had risen, HIVE knew they if they struck early enough they could either destroy or even disband the team before they became a treat to them. This is where Wilson family came in.

Originally Slade Wilson had been offered the contract to destroy the New Teen Titans. HIVE had invited him to meet with their leaders. Slade had turned down the contract  as he was far from impressed with the whole HIVE set up, and their refusal to pay him up front. HIVE made out that Slade's refusal was unacceptable and tried to terminate him on the spot. Slade escaped using his enhanced abilities and skills with is weaponry.

However H.I.V.E. were secretly recording Slade’s actions and taking DNA samples and they believe that  they can recreate his powers to make a Terminator of their own. So in fact the real reason for the meeting was to secure the DNA samples firstly. Now they had the DNA, all they needed was a guinea pig, and what better person than Grant, but convincing him to undertake a life threatening procedure was surprising easier than HIVE had anticipated .

Next Time Grant becomes Ravager and takes on the Teen Titans.

Until then ENJOY !

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