Sunday, 3 January 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Twelve The Gangs All Here, lets start the PARTY !

With the Team Finally assembled, the "NEW" Teen Titans were finally ready for action.

A theme that was current through out this and even the original version and later versions was "family".

The Original TT's or Robin. Aqua Lad, Kid Flash Wonder Girl and Speedy were from unusual homes. Robin an Orphan adopted by a Multi Billionaire Guardian, Aqua Lad, abandoned by his parents and adopted by the King of The Sea. Kid Flash, although not an orphan he was estranged from his family and lived with his Uncle and Aunt, Wonder Girl, also an orphan who was adopted by the Queen of the Amazons and Speedy an Orphan also adopted by a Multi Billionaire Guardian.  These original Titans became their own family.

Like the New Line up, Robin and Wonder Girl Orphans along with Changeling who had not lost his birth parents but his adopted Mother Rita too, Cyborg, originally estranged from his Father and soon after a brief reconnection saw his father die as his mother had done a few years before. Raven again had issues with her Mother and BIG ISSUES with her Father. Starfire, although not an Orphan, she was not even sure her parents where alive or dead and Kid Flash, still having issues with his parents, but had found his home life again up turned after the murder of his beloved Aunt.

The TT's were family and as so grew to love, respect and protect one another.

Here is The Original Line Up of the NEW TEEN TITANS.

Next Time we will look at some of the Bad Guys who came to play a BIG roll in the development of the Titans history

Until Then Enjoy !

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