Thursday, 1 March 2012


The last member to have joined  Earth's  Mightiest Mutts had been  JEN-SNIFFER WATERBOWL ( or  Jeni-Fur to her friends) aka THE SHE-HOUNDED HULK.

With her addition to the team,  The Waspish Pooch who  at this time was  the current chair person of the team,  tried to rebuild a group that had been reduced in numbers of late.

The Current Line up stood as ...... Canine America   Sent Hound of Liberty,  Iron Hound   The Armoured Mutt,   The Hawk eyed Hound    Marks Mutt supreme,   The Mutty PAW  The Horse Dog of Thunder,  The She Hounded Hulk   The Jade Pooch of Power  and  of course The Wonderful Waspish Pooch 


Janet Van Dog, aka the Waspish pooch was using her time as Chairperson of the Avenging Hounds as a distraction from her private life.   Her marriage to her  Husband Harry Pym, who was currently known as The Yellow Jack Russell had ended  after years of problems.  These Problems had been mainly  caused due to his mental instability. He had verbally abused her for years, but the final straw came when in a fit of temper HE BIT HER !

Then things went from bad to worse for Dr Pym. He lost his place as an Avenging Hound after attacking and nearly killing an unarmed foe who had surrendered.  Then when a failed bid to get him back on the team and into the affections of Janet  back fired,  he was framed by one of his arch foes EGG HOUND. The result he was currently in prison awaiting trial.

On the rebound The waspish Pooch in her everyday guise as Janet Van Dog the Millionairess and  famous fashion designer had started a relationship with Billionaire and Industrialist and Inventor Boney Bark , who was in fact her fellow Avenging Hound,  IRON HOUND.

At this time only Canine America and The Mutty Paw knew Boney's secret that he  was IRON HOUND,   however Janet did not know who was inside the Armour. As Janet and Boney got closer, Both Paw and Canine America made it clear to Boney Bark that they did not approve of the relationship on the grounds that withholding his true identify from Janet would ultimately hurt her when she found out.


Believing his fellow Avenging Hounds to be right, Boney broke off his relationship with Janet, BUT confessed that he was her fellow team mate THE IRON HOUND.  This deceit did hurt the Waspish Pooch, but she was glad that Boney had come clean before their relationship developed.  Both Boney & Janet would continue to be close, but only as friends and teammates..... not as lovers.

As the months went on the BARK KNIGHT, aka Great Dane Woofman  came back into the lives of the AV Hounds, but after one adventure he declined The Waspish Pooch's offer of a full time position on the team. Well he had been living in medieval England for many years, he wanted to see what had changed since he had been gone.


However, The Avenging Hounds needed a new member.....

Next Time we will meet the new addition to the team.


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