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Hair-os was born from a race of Space Hounds called the ETERN-HOWLS.  He had been raised on the  Moon called Titan or Tit-hound to the locals,  that is in orbit around the Planet Saturn.  The Etern-Howls of Tit-hound spend their time in scientific study and in ways of furthering their knowledge of the Universe. These Saturn based Etern-howls were the cousins of the earth bound Etern-howls of old.


However,  one of their race...  FANGOS, brother to Hair-os wanted more. Unlike the other Etern-howls who looked like the most perfect and beautiful beings in the Universe, FANGOS was born different and deformed. His fur and skin was dark as was his manner.  Unlike his fellow Etern-howls he did not want to better himself in a way he could help others.  He only wanted to better himself so he could destroy and conquer others.  As a result of his lust for power he attacked his own people killing many. One of which was his mother. Fangos is a complicated character who I will be looking at some time in the future.   BUT for now Back to the STAR- FOX TERRIER


Hair-os had originally meet the avenging hounds many years before when he along with the original Canine MUTT-VELL  battled his brother Fangos.    Later when his friend Mutt-Vell died from Cancer on Tit-hound he promised his dying friend he would look after Mutt-vell's mate Healy-sius. However, Hair-os was a creature with a short attention span, and eventually he decided to seek out new life , and civilisations and in his quest for FUN ended up on Earth.

Not knowing much about earth culture he made a bee line to the home of The Avenging Hounds in New Yorkie City.

The Chairperson at the time, Janet Van Dog, the Waspish Pooch agreed that Hair-os could join the team, as an Avenging Hound in training...... and the first thing she did was give him the CODE NAME   THE STAR FOX TERRIER .  The Hawk eyed Hound was at this time nursing a broken leg, so the Waspish Pooch knew the team was in need of an extra pair of paws to help out.  the Hawk eyed Hound was not too pleased to be side lined, but had to accept Janet's decision as the chairperson.

Welcome to the Avenging Hounds Star Fox Terrier

The full story can be read in AVENGING HOUNDS issue 232, available in all good book stores.


This Foxy Character would stay with the AV hounds for many months, and would add value to the team,  he did not take the news well that his friends name was now being used by the NEW female Canine Mutt-vell, but over the weeks that followed he saw that she was an good person and a great person to continue the name of a great fallen hero hound.   As time went on he again started to look for more exciting things to do, and eventually left the team to pursue NEBULL - DOGA the Space Pirate who he believed was the Grand-daughter of his Evil Brother Fangos.

Another new member next time.


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