Thursday, 22 March 2012


As the Avenging Hounds gathered to hold a party to celebrate the Marriage of The Hawk-Eyed Hound to the Mucky-Bird Dog, the Viz-Hound bust into the festivities with news that HE had now restored his body and He has also discovered signs of a cosmic threat to the Earth, and all known life.

But before the Waspish Pooch, the Avenging Hounds Chairperson could question the Viz-hound on what he knew.... she and some of the other active Avenging Hounds are called away to investigate a strange structure that had appeared in Cent-Howl Park.

The Waspish Pooch along with Paw, Canine America, Canine Mutt-vell, The Hawk-eyed Hound, Iron Hound and the She-Hounded Hulk meet 3 members of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR and a large Group of the Mutt-ant Mutts call the the Un-Caninie  X-MUTTS and assorted Hero Hounds who operate in the local area of New Yorkie City .... all of which have been drawn to the strange structure in the Park.

As the host of Hero Hounds enter the structure to investigate, they all disappear.  No one left behind knows that has happened..... but the various Hero Hounds have been transported to BATTLE WORLD where they are made to partake in what will be known as THE SECRET WOOFIE WARS.   More about this at a later time.

BUT back to the story of the Avenging Hounds.

With The Waspish Pooch and other serving AV Hounds now missing, The VIZ-HOUND decided he should take the Chair persons position on the team for the time being.

The Missing AV hounds re appear a while later. To the World they and the other Hero Hounds have been missing  for only a number of WEEKS,  but for the Heroes that had been kidnapped it had been MONTHS that they have been forced to take part in The Secret Woofie Wars

All of the missing AV Hounds return to the AV Mansion, except for The She Hounded Hulk.  She has accepted a position as a member of THE FUR-TASTIC FOUR as a replacement for Bone Grimm aka The Hairy Thing , who has stayed behind on Battle World for personal reasons.

With the Waspish Pooch back at the helm of the AV Hounds, her 1st act is to resign her position as Chairperson and elect The Viz-Hound as her replacement as she can see he has done a great job in keeping things together whilst she has been away,

The Viz-Hound accepts, but requests that Janet stays on the team.  The Waspish Pooch accepts this request.

The Viz-Hound then announces that  his 1ST act as Chairperson of the AV HOUNDS is to set up a SECOND TEAM of AVENGING HOUNDS. This sister Group would be based on the West Coast of America..... and he wanted The Hawk-Eyed Hound to the Lead the new TEAM.

Clint Bark-ton aka The Hawk-eyed Hound accepts the roll. The Viz-Hound then tells the team why he  and they need a second team.

A race of shape shifting Aliens called the Dire-Woofs had invaded Earth and wanted to conquer it.  For many years this menace had been on the planet, but few knew of its existence.  The Alien Space Knight called ROM-TIN-TIN had followed them to Earth and had been disposing of them when ever possible.  (BUT THAT IS ANOTHER STORY)

ROM-TIN-TIN the Space Bite sorry KNIGHT

As The Hawk-eyed Hound and his new bride move to California to set up the new chapter of the Avenging Hounds, the East Coast team decided to start investigating the  threat of the Dire Woofs. The AV hounds hear of a possible lead that the Alien Menaces are trying to sabotage a space flight.

The AV hounds win the battle but are then informed by LICK FURRY that the Dire-Woofs are now to be investigated solely by his organisation called       H. E .E. L. E. D
The Viz-Hound is upset with this decision, but as H E E L E D have been appointed by the US Government, he and the other Avenging Hounds have to accept this.

In the coming weeks the Viz-Hound becomes more and more obsessed with safety of the planet Earth and starts making plans to make the planet in to an Utopia, ending all wars, violence and unrest. He plans to make Earth a paradise, with HIM in TOTAL CONTROL. 

Although he is basically a machine, he has become more over the years since he was created to destroy the AV Hounds by The Ult-Tail-On. However  he starts to realise that he is loosing the Canine characteristics that he has had to struggle hard to find.  His wife the Scarlet Bitch also has seen this, and has started to feel disconnected from him also.

As he is about to start the final  process that will ensure that he and only him has any control over the World and its Canine Population, he has a change of heart and realises that his programming has become corrupted  from his linking his mind to the Artificial Intelligence on Titan.

The Viz-Hound manages to destroy the link from Titan nearly destroying himself in the process.  The Avenging Hounds ask for explanations from the Viz-Hound, who explains that HE had been manipulating the team, and was planning to take over the world. Remaking it in his own idea of paradise, which he realises is wrong.  He resigns from the Avenging Hounds and travels along with the Scarlet Bitch  to Washington DC to explain his actions to the government.


She decides against disbanding the NEW West Coast team that has been formed by The Hawk-eyed Hound as she thinks this is a good idea. Originally the team was to have been under the control of the New Yorkie Based team, BUT Janet believes that the two teams can work side by side, and gives more control over to The Hawk-Eyed Hound and his new Team

Next Time I will give some back ground on the NEW WEST COAST AVENGING HOUNDS.

Until next time      ENJOY !

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