Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The last few months had been a bit of a roller coaster for The Avenging Hounds.  Dr Hairy Pym founder member of the team, had been released from prison after it was proved he had been framed by one of his enemies.  However, now a free dawg, his life was a mess. His Marriage to Janet Van Dog, aka the Waspish pooch was over.  his career as a Hero Hound was also in tatters... he decided he needed to put his life as The Yellow Jack Russell behind him, and offered this suit and equipment to the Avenging Hound as he planned to spend the rest of his life doing what he was good at........... Scientific research and development.  

All the AV Hounds were upset by his decision, but respected it.  Hairy Pym needed to find his place in the world as himself...... he could no longer hide behind his costumed identities any more.  He was an Avenging Hound No More...... He was a Hero Hound No More...... He was a Husband No More.....  He was NOW  simply DR HAIRY PYM ..... SCIENTIST.


The AV Hounds were shocked by a second blow when Iron Hound contacted the Avenging Hounds Mansion BY PHONE and also resigned from active membership.  Iron Hound said it was personal, and would not give any more details.  As current chairperson  The Waspish Pooch had to accept this resignation with a heavy heart.  She had lost her former Husband, and her recent Lover and Team Mate in the matter of minutes. 

What Janet did not know was the Iron Hound who had rung her was NOT her ex lover Boney Bark, But his replacement  Jaws Rhodes.  

Jaws Rhodes had replaced Boney Bark as the Iron Hound after Boney had succumbed to his acholol addiction.  Boney was now unable to stand up. let alone put on the Gold and Red Armour.  Rhoney knew that he could fill in for Boney as IRON HOUND and the general public would be none the wiser, but  he realised that fooling the Avenging Hounds was another question.  So by resigning from the Av Hounds hopefully he could cover for Boney whilst he tried to get to grips with his drinking problem.

CHEERS !!!!!!

With their numbers again diminished to just  Thunder Dog PAW, CANINE AMERICA, The HAWK-EYED HOUND, THE SHE-HOUNDED HULK and herself The WASPISH POOCH,   Janet decided to declare that The New Canine Mutt-vell would now lose her title as AVENGING HOUND in Training and become a FULL Member of the team.

BUT before they could start another recruitment drive, The Hawk-eyed Hound suffered a broken leg on their next mission.....

The Avenging Hounds needed another member, BUT before Janet could start to find a new PERSON for the Team....... a strange DOG from another World arrived  and said he had come to Earth wanting to join their MERRY TEAM of MUTTS....... His name was HAIR-OS....But the Public would get to know him better as The STAR FOX TERRIER.


More about this Foxy Mutt next time.


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