Friday, 23 September 2011


Yesterday I told you about how Growler Nelson became the CANINE CAT, the story continues,,,,,,


In the weeks that followed she used her new identity as the Canine-Cat to dismantle doggalbain's business empire. She wanted him to pay for killing her friend Dr Tummi-rollo and Curlee, but she wanted him to suffer in the process. She played Cat and mouse with him, but finally after weeks of chasing him, and as she moved in for the kill, he jumped to his death to avoid her claws. This was not the Justice she had wanted, but in turn, Doggalbain had finally paid for his crimes.

Growler found that she enjoyed the life of a Hero Hound, and decided to continue being the Canine Cat.... she spent the next few months fighting the good fight against many of the superpowered criminals of New Yorkie City, Like the H'Owl and The Dog-Killer, as well as sharing adventures with Both DARE-DOGGIE and THE AMAZING SPIDER PUP


She would also get her personal life back on track and took up a career in law enforcement by Day, allowing her to be the CANINE - CAT by Night. Her Friend and mentor DR Tummi-rollo also made a return into Growler's life. Although badly injured in the Lab explosion as she did not die. After many months in hospital she was able to begin her research again. However, although she remembered Growler, and the Doggalbain experience, she had no memories of her work that had created Growler's powers.

Together, Growler and Dr Tummi-rollo would try to recreate the experiment, until tragedy would strike again.   However,  Dr Tummi-rollo was hiding a secret from Growler..... and this secret would soon be reveled.

Doctor Tummi-rollo was not fully CANINE herself, she was in fact a member of an ancient race of  Cat-Canines.  Tummi-rollo was part of a race of Canines that had been magically evolved from Felines back in the Middle Ages.  More Cat than Dog, they hid their true identifies against the outside Canine World.   The Cat Canines  used science and magic to protect them over the years. They developed many weapons against the Canine world, BUT vowed never to use them as many had the ability to destroy all Canine Life on the Planet.  On the whole the Cat Canines were a peaceful people.

Just before the explosion at her Lab, Dr Tummi-rollo had discovered that a plot was in place to steal certain elements from the Cat Canines.... one of which would or could be used to develop a deadly plague. 

Further investigation had discovered that the HYDRA-HOUNDS were behind this plot. The HYDRA-HOUNDS were a secret society that's origin began back in Germany during W W 2 (That's WORLD WOOF 2 )   They wanted world domination, and spent their time obtaining various elements and weapons that would allow them this.  A Hydra Hound agent had discovered Dr Tummi-rollo's true heritage, and had been on his way to abduct the Doctor before the explosion.

Whilst she was in hospital The Hydra Hounds decided to let her recover before they could kidnap her, BUT knowing that she was in danger, DR Tummi-rollo used the accident to feign brain damage and memory loss.  She thought that this had worked, BUT the Hydra Hounds were still watching her, and they still believed she could take them to the location of the hidden city of of the Canine Cat People.

During an attempt to abduct the Doctor, Growler dressed as the CANINE CAT  managed to rescue her Friend and mentor, but not before being shot by one of the Hydra Hound Solders. The Gun was no ordinary one, it fired a form of radiation. The resulting injury looked like it would be fatal to Growler.

BUT Dr Tummi-rollo thought that she may have the answer to saving The Canine Cats life.

Find out next time what happened next.



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