Saturday, 24 September 2011


After Growler Nelson, aka THE CANINE CAT was mortally wounded by the Hydra Hounds,  her Friend and mentor DR TUMMI-ROLLO offered to save Growler' Life...... but there would be a cost.  Dr Tummi-rollo reveled her own true origin as one of the secret race of  Cat Canines, and she offered Growler a chance of life if she was willing to become one of them.

But in doing so, her life and very being would be changed forever. Weak, Growler told DR Tummi-rollo that to her all life was precious , in whatever form.... and with that accepted the offer of Life as a CAT CANINE.

Growler was taken to the Ancient hidden city of the Cat Canines, and there her soul was bound to that of a CAT CANINE. the greatest champion of the race.... a champion call THE  TIG - GROWLER.  In the ritual of magic and science Growler was reborn as TIG-GROWLER

Her body had now been changed and now she resembled a Cat like creature with orange stripey fur, and Cat like eyes. She was given a cat head amulet that would allow her to change forms from   TIG - GROWLER to Growler, BUT Growler decided to EMBRACE her new found form and became solely known as  TIG - GROWLER , the Were- Woof. She gave up being Growler Nelson, and also being the CANINE CAT.  She no longer needed the built in Cat Claws or enhancements the Cat Suit offered, as she had these abilities herself as  TIG - GROWLER..... She packed away her life as Growler Nelson, and put her Cat Canine suit in storage.  (This suit may have been the same one that young PUPSEY WALKIES found when she went onto to become  the  CANINE HELL-CAT , or it could have been one of the many suits that Doggalbain had invented, that had not been destroyed by the Canine Cat  The truth has never been truly revealed.)

  TIG - GROWLER went onto repay the gratitude to the Cat Canines by helping them defeat the Hydra Hounds , and after went off into the big wide world to have many adventures.

Many of her adventures brought her into contact with many of the other Hero Hounds. She spent a time as a guest of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR at the Barker Building. Where she made a close friendship with BONE GRIMM the HAIRY THING.

However, It was when she took part in an AVENGING HOUNDS recruitment drive, which had been manipulated by then member Hounder Doglas, aka THE MOON DOGG-ON , she became the new member of the Worlds Muttiest Hero Hounds. She would be joining a team that The Canine Hell-Cat had recently vacated. 
THE CANINE CAT                       TRIG-GROWLER                THE CANINE HELL-CAT

Originally, she did not feel right about her membership. She felt underpowered and not able to match the other AVENGING HOUNDS abilities...... She would leave after only a short time, BUT would later be asked By THE HAWK-EYED HOUND to join a second team of Avenging Hounds, this time based on the West Coast of the Country.   Here she found her place within the team, and went on to be one of the best members of the WEST-COAST AVENGING HOUNDS.  (more about the WCAH soon)...

 TIG - GROWLER, did have problems from time to time with she the ferocious nature of her cat soul when it and its nature tried to take over completely.... but in the end she was able to embrace the TIG - GROWLER  SOUL completely and as a result grew a Cat's tail too.

These days she is still an AVENGING HOUND and spends most of her time in training the future members of the team at  AVENGING HOUNDS KENNEL ACADEME.

 I hope you enjoyed my tail of Ms Growler Grant-Nelson,  more Hero Hounds soon.

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