Friday, 24 July 2015

KARA ZOR - EL the Supergirl of Fashion Part Eleven. A New Supergirl for the New Age.

After many promises in the past that there would NOT be any more reboots to the DC Universe and its characters in 2011 the whole of the DC Universe was changed yet again !

Every character got a make over. Most of the, even got New Origins and all of them got a "New" look. Even Earth Two was re engineered.

However, some of the Bigger names may have got a new look, but they remained the same or should I say similar, but as all past history was NOW  wiped out, it was a clean slate and both heroes and villains now had a chance to really start again.

One of the "new" Heroes in the New Universe was Supergirl, who in essence was the same old Kara Zor-El of old. The major difference was she was seen as more Alien to the world she found herself in, unlike her cousin Kal El aka Superman who had little of any idea of what it was like to be a Real survivor of Krypton. He was brought up by Earth parents as an Earthman.Whilst Kara was an Alien who had survived the destruction of her home world.

With a New Look and New Attitude Supergirl became a leading member of the New DC Line Up.

Here is my version of the New Last Daughter of Krypton.

next time a round up of my look at Supergirl.

Until then    ENJOY !

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