Tuesday, 7 July 2015

KARA ZOR-EL The Super Girl of Fashion Part Eight ........ A New Super Girl in Town

SuperGirl was now dead, her pace in DC history showed she died helping save the Multi Verse. This was fine, as it gave a chance for her Cousin to now become the sole survivor of Krypton.

Along with the death of Kara came the a reboot that forgot about the golden age heroes that had inhabited Earth Two, also it was goodbye to Krypto the Super Dog, who now never exited, gone was the survivors of Argo City and the Bottled City of Kandor, it was also goodbye to Superboy, as in the New DC World, Clark never put on his Cape until he was an Adult living in Metropolis.

However, his past growing in Smallville was left more or less as it was. Except his Superpowers where known by his best friends Pete Ross and Lana Lang.  BUT where who Clark really was was now a mystery to all.

However, like all things in the world of comics, sometimes people come back from the dead.

Well not back from the dead, as the "NEW" Supergirl was the first in the new DC Universe.

This new Supergirl had a VERY complex back story. Firstly She was Not Kara Zor-EL or really a Kryptonian. Secondly, she came from an Alternative Universe  and had been "Built by Lex Luthor who was a Good Guy in that Universe. Thirdly, She was a combination of a Dead Woman, the other universes Lana Lang, beloved of that Universes Lex Luthor, with a body resembling Lana, Red hair and Powers and costume modelled after Superman of the "New" rebooted DC Universe. Complicated or NOT !

The "NEW" Super-Girl looking very retro.

Like Superman, the NEW Supergirl was strong, and could fly, but also had the power of shape shifting, invisibility and telekinesis. This along with Lana Lang's memories made Matrix, as she had been called, the ideal person to travel to Superman's Universe to recruit him to help deal with a problem with escaped criminals from the Phantom Zone.

The Supergirl look was initially based on a mix of Kara Zor-El's costumes. Matrix would at first be a Red Head, but would later become a Blond.

After Superman saved the day in the "Pocket Universe" he returned home with Matrix, who had been injured in battle and would for a time resemble a  protoplasm humanoid grayish form.
The Lana Red Headed Supergirl and the Damaged form of the Matrix aka MAE KENT

Superman placed her in the hands of his Adopted Earth parents who called her MAE and helped her regain the ability of her shape shifting. When completely healed she would again adopt the Supergirl identity and join the ranks of the other DC Heroes.

Upon the Death of Superman. Mae using her powers took his form, and took on his roll but after a time she started to become mentally unstable and had problems knowing who or what she was.

In the end she would merge with with first an Earth Girl, Linda Danvers, and later with an Angel.

But by that time she was no longer a Supergirl any longer.

Next time Yet Another Super Girl.

Until the ENJOY

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