Sunday, 19 July 2015

KARA ZOR -EL The Supergirl of fashion Part Ten Welcome Back the New Real Supergirl

After being killed off in the 1980's and later forgotten about and then reborn as a new character in the late 1990's, it was now time for Supergirl to return.

This was again Kara Zor - El cousin of Kal -El Superman.  Her origin and back story was very similar to her late 1950's-1960's version. The only real change was she had been older than her cousin at the time of the destruction of Krypton but her space craft had taken longer to arrive on Earth. So when she arrived her cousin was now a Adult but her suspended animation had kept her as a teenager.

A slight update to her back story would see Kara be coached by not just her Super Cousin, but have guidance from his best friends Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

Her look was a classic mix of past with a bit of modern added, as she was a teenager after all and she dressed  like one.

Here is my look at the "New" Supergirl.

The Super Shaggy look was in 
 Returning Supergirl to the DC Universe gave the comic company a chance to also address another problem. In the "new" DC Universe Clark Kent did not become Superman until he was an Adult. So that meant Superboy never existed so he never met his teen aged super powered friends in the future aka The Legion of Super Heroes.

So Supergirl took the place of the now defuncted Superboy and became a member of the Legion of Superheroes.  This meant that again Kara could romance Brainic 5 as she had done pre to the original Crisis.

Here is Kara with her "BOYFRIEND" in both era's.

He had the Brains, but she had the beauty !

However, DC decided that again the whole of its DC line and universe needed another re boot.

Next Time a New Super Girl for the modern day.

Until then \ENJOY !

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