Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Many Lives and Times of Robin The Boy Wonder Dick Grayson

Already in my blog I have detailed the tale of how in 1940 Bat-man obtained a partner called Robin.

As we know Dick Grayson was the first in a long line of Crime Fighting Robin's that help the Caped Crusader and his war on Crime in Gotham City.

Originally I was not going to continue my BAT-MAN FAMILY to include the replacements Robin's, BUT as I had already included everyone from Bat-Mite to The Original Bat-Girl ,   The Huntress to Ace The Bat Hound, I felt it was not being fare not to included the whole of the Robin Clan.

So next time we will look at what happened when Dick handed over his cape to a New Boy Wonder.
Richard "DICK" Grayson from Circus Boy via Robin to Nightwing !

Until then ENJOY !

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