Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A New Boy Wonder for Batman Part Three Jason Todd, a problem solved ?

The Year was now 1988, Batman had a new Robin in the form of Jason Todd.  Unlike the Former Boy Wonder Dick Grayson, Jason  Todd was a meaner version of this well known hero.

Initially, Jason was in all sense and purposes a copy of Dick Grayson, a former acrobat who had been orphaned when his Circus performing parents were killed by crooks. However, after the event called Crisis on Infinite Earths, the editors at DC decided to re write Jason's back story and re make him with a bit more of an edge.

The "NEW" Jason was a Street Punk, who had lost both of his parents. His Father had "disappeared" after failing to successfully complete a contract for his boss Two Face. Even though his body was never found, the word was he had been killed for his failure.  Jason's Mum had died after overdosing on drugs. This meant that Jason had spent many years on the street in the area of Gotham called Crime Alley. Here he learnt what he needed to do to survive.  Right and wrong did not matter, It was about survival at any cost.

Once Jason had been taken under Bruce Wayne's wing, Bruce aka BATMAN thought that with his guidance he could help mold the teenage tearaway into a positive person. Use the youngster rage in a constructive way. Bruce believed that Jason could be molded into an Allie in his war on crime.

At first this seemed to work, but as the months went on Batman noticed that his new Robin did not always play fare. The lines between good and bad, right and wrong seemed blurred to Jason. He liked being Bad Cop too much. Batman could frighten his enemies just with his presence , Batman would hit hard and fasts when the need arose. Batman knew when enough was enough..... Go too far and Batman could become what he hated the most..... Just as Bad as those he fought !   BUT  this new Robin lacked any control. He used excessive force at every opportunity. He was not just happy using his fists and the tools from his Utility belt, as had Dick before him.  but Jason would be happy to use Clubs, Knifes even Firearms on crooks or anyone that got in his way. Batman was convinced that Jason had even  caused the death of a villain.

Did he fall or Was he pushed ? Only Jason knew for certain

 As a result he asked Barbara Gordon to help train Jason. Barbara had retired from Crime fighting, but as a favour to Batman became Batgirl again to help teach Robin some self control. However, Barbara informed Batman that after working with Jason , she at times was frightened by him and his actions. Furthermore  Alfred also expressed his own concerns about young master Jason and his attitude.

Bruce tempts Barbara Back into costume to help his angry young ward.

As the months moved on Jason's behaviour began to get worse. Batman realising that Jason was too much of a loose cannon to allow him to continue as his partner. After exploring all avenues, Batman came to the only decision he could......... Jason could no longer be ROBIN.

Jason was angered by Bruce's decision and stormed out of Wayne Manor and headed back to the only other place he had ever called home........ the Crime Alley District of Gotham.

Here he re acquainted himself with many of the people he had known whilst he was living on the streets.  But a chance meeting with a former Friend and neighbour of his parents would end up making Jason question who he really was.

This question about his own identity would ultimately lead Jason down the path of his own redemption or his destruction

Next Time its Death in The Family !


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