Monday, 24 February 2014

A New Boy Wonder for Batman...... Part Two How do you solve a problem call JASON TODD ?

It was now 1987. and the fans of the BATMAN comics were split about Jason Todd and the "NEW" meaner ROBIN. The editors at DC realised that the character did not work as well as they hoped. Fans did not like many of the aspects of Jason after his  "reboot" and readership was falling as a result.


The Editors at DC then came up with a plan, they would allow the readers a say in what happened to Jason Todd.  This would be a mini series called " Death In the Family". Unlike today when via the social net work etc,  everything is known about future story lines, or is leaked months before a comic is even published , this story would remain top secret. The final chapter would not be known until the date of publication. It had worked in Soap Operas in the past with cliff hanging season finals which ended in final scenes being recorded  many times when the Hero did not either .....Get Married or did not , or went to Prison or did not, or came back from the Dead or did not....... or Even DIED ! or was saved  at the last minute. Who Shot JR had had  the public guessing for months !.

 If this could work on TV this could work in a comic. Marvel had killed off Jean Gray aka Phoenix of the XMEN...... but had written two endings to the tale, so that the story could have had a happier ending. Jean would live on minus the Phoenix Force... However, where Marvel had made the decision of to Kill or not to Kill a beloved character, DC would leave the choice to its readers......... BUT the readers would not know about the choices until before the final issue was about to hit the presses.

The current story line was adapted to have Batman start to question what Robin needed to represent. A balance of Good verses Evil. The Dick the old Robin had been Good, and was liked........ however, Jason the new Robin was not !.   Batman needed to make a choice.... and his readers would help !

Good Robin or Bad Robin 

Next Time we will see what happened to Jason Todd

Until the ENJOY !

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