Friday, 26 April 2013

The New Warriors Part Six Meet Robbie Baldwin aka SPEEDBALL

Robert Baldwin or Robbie to his friends was the son of two famous parents. His Father was the District Attorney of Springfield Connecticut, whilst his mother was a former TV Star of a popular Soap Opera. Robbie's parents marriage was not a happy one, and arguments  would break out on a regular basis. The main subject of these disagreements was Robbie himself and what he should be doing with his life and future career. whilst his Father wanted Robbie to follow him into a career like his, his Mother had other ideas. Whilst his parents were deciding what their son should do, they both forgot to ask Robbie what HE WANTED TO DO !

Whilst still studying at High School, Robbie got a position as a Intern at the Hammond Research Laboratory locally. Here the scientists  headed by Doctor Benson were studying and researching ways of tapping in to energy sources from other dimensions. It was hoped that by having access to this free energy  would  provide untold power and riches for the company.

In the quest for results many safe guards and safety measure were ignored. During a test of the equipment, Robbie who had sneaked in to watch the test became bombarded by some of the radiation released by the experiment. The Radiation energy empowered Robbie with a strange kinetic energy, and would activate when his was struck by another object or person. The harder he was hit the stronger his power levels became.

Robbie soon  discovered that his body now generated a kinetic energy field that protected him from any impact and made him a bouncing dynamo of kinetic energy. When the energy field activated it provided Robbie with an enhanced physical appearance and unusual costume.
The Masked Marvel called SPEEDBALL

Along with Robbie, also a Pet Cat at the research labs became irradiated by the energy, and the Cat called Niels, found he too had similar powers as Robbie.  Robbie would spend many weeks during his early crime fighting career  chasing the Cat, as he thought by examining it may hold some answers to how his powers worked, and where they came from.

The Cat would some times "aid" Robbie or Speedball as he now called himself  during his vigilante crime fighting. Speedball nicknamed Niels Fur-Ball.  Speedball and Furball would team up from time to time, not exactly the Dynamic Duo, BUT they had their charm.
Full of Bounce.

The Real Star of the Show 

Robbie's life as Speedball was fun, he got to do things he could never imagine as Robbie Baldwin. However, his parents constant arguments were putting a strain on Robbie's home life, and when his parents separated Robbie found he spent more and more time as a masked crime fighter.

During a trip to New York with his Mother he went to the aid of some other young costumed crime fighters...... but more about that story soon.

The Team is nearly complete

Next time, the final piece of the puzzle come together.

Until next time..... ENJOY !

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