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The New Warriors Part Five Meet Angelica Jones AKA FIRESTAR

The next person Night Thrasher wanted to recruit was a young girl called Angelica Jones.

Angelica was a mutant, who was raised by her single father and her Grandmother. Angelica's mutant abilities were noted by Charles Xavier who decided to investigate the neo-mutant with the idea she could join his School at the same time join his Junior XMEN know as the New Mutants.

However, another organisation had also spotted the emergence of Angelica's mutant ability, none other than Villainous and Infamous Hell Fire Club. who spent no time dispatching one of their leading members to recruit Angelica.

Emma Frost was a high flying business woman, socialite  and Head Mistress of the Massachusetts Academy. This was her Public Face. This was only part of the story. Emma Frost was also The White Queen of the Hellfire Club and part of the inner circle. She also used used the cover of the Academy as a training ground for her own group of  newly emerged mutants, called the Hellions, in a similar way to what Professor Xavier was doing in New York, BUT where Xavier's XMEN were trained to protect both Mutant and Human alike, the Hellions were manipulated to do the bidding for the purposes of the furthering the needs of Hellfire Club, Nothing more.
The White Queen from the Hellfire Club

The recent death of Angelica' Grandmother had made this an ideal time to recruit the youngster.  Angelica's Father found his daughters mutant powers worrying, and was fearful of his own safety. Emma Frost, dressed in the modest guise of the Headmistress of the Academy found that her persuasive mental powers were not completely needed in getting Mr Jones to allow his daughter to leave and join Miss Frost's school.

Narrowly missing out on recruiting Angelica for himself, Professor Xavier decided to not interfere in Miss Frost's plans as he felt that Angelica was making a free choice to join the Massachusetts based Academy.

Joining the school, Angelica became Miss Frost's own special project. She knew Angelica could prove to be the most powerful and deadly new mutant she had yet discovered. So with manipulation and control she started to train Angelica who she gave the Code name FIRESTAR. With that Angelica's  Hellion Training costume was replaced a new costume which helped to distance her from the other young Hellions she was training along side. This was all part of The White Queens plan. The other Hellions started to resent Firestar, as she was Emma Frost's star pupil and was treated as a teachers pet.

Emma Frost played down her White Queen personally in front of Angelica, who she now started to keep well away from the other Hellions. Where to the Hellions, Emma was a real Bitch and task master, to Firestar she was a loving Teacher and Mother figure..... Again all part of the plan.

 Firestar was never sent on field missions with the other Hellions, however, because of her lack of control over her lethal powers and because the White Queen wished to instill cruelty and callousness in the emotional Innocent Angelica. The white Queen knew that  befriending other young mutants would work against that goal. The White Queen manipulated Angelica into perceiving Frost as a loving mother figure, unaware that Frost was secretly grooming her to be a potential her own private assassin and bodyguard to be used in her bid to take over the full control of the Hellfire Club.


While a student of the Massachusetts Academy, Angelica fell in love with  Randall Chase, who had been  assigned to her as a bodyguard. Growing close to Angelica, Randall eventually began to suspect the White Queen's true motives and marked for  termination by the White Queen. .

Angelica finds her 1st love in Randal

 He escaped, mortally wounded, and managed to warn Angelica of Frost's duplicity just before he died. In retaliation,  Firestar attacked and defeated the White Queen, and decimated the hidden training complex beneath Frost's Massachusetts Academy. Afterwards, she returned to living with her father (as she was still a minor at the time), but kept the unique costume and identity of FIRESTAR  given to her by Emma Frost. Professor X offered her a place within the safety of his School, but Firestar refused as she did not want to move from one secret mutant army to another.
Firestar her own woman at last !

Angelica moved back home, determined to live a normal life with her father, who was still a bit afraid of his daughters new abilities. Things were strained for some time - until Night Thrasher whilst hacking into the Computer Files of the Hellfire Club  uncovered her secret identity and and blackmailed her into meeting him and his group. She felt pressured  into helping him form his new Super Human Group, however she found that being part of the group gave her what she so longed for FAMILY.

As a mainstay of that super-youth group, Firestar grew into a formidable albeit reluctant champion, and she forged a lasting romance with fellow hero Vance Astrovik aka Marvel Boy.

Firestar, was she the final part of the group.? or NOT

Next time the New Group go into battle for the first time

Until Then ENJOY !

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