Thursday, 18 April 2013

THE NEW WARRIORS part Five. Meet Night Thrasher's NEW FANTASTIC FOUR

With Angelica Jones on board, Night Thrasher had completed his team. After a lot of study and research he had calculated that he had a better chance at forming a successful super team if he followed the example of another already existing group.

He had deduced that the Fantastic Four were the ideal model to try to replicate. The number was small compared to the Avengers or the X Men.  Other Groups like the Defenders membership changed constantly, as did the Avengers. On the other hand line of the X Men  up did alter from time to time,  But the core of the group was mainly constant. However,  due to the fact were Mutants made them a target for anti press feelings. Dwayne knew he needed the people on his side if he wanted his group to be a success.
THE FANTASTIC FOUR, Dwayne's Roll Model of a successful Super Team

Dwayne Taylor, aka Night Thrasher knew that the Fantastic Four had something special. The line up never changed (and when it did it was only temporary ) and the team members were all connect to each other, the Fantastic Four were a Family First, and this bond kept them together.

Dwayne knew that he could not form the same type of family unit, but he realised that if he formed a group of youngsters who had a longing to be part of a family this would work in his advantage.

Firestar, although she had a Father who was afraid of her powers, was still morning the loss of  her Grandmother, and her love and  guidance.

Marvel Boy, had issues with his abusive Father, and had left home as a result. He too was looking to be part of a group.

Kid Nova, had been a very successful hero, but this and the time he had spent away from home in space had caused him to realise that he did not really fit in with his old life anymore. He had become obsessed with regaining his Nova Powers again, and this had made his home life suffer as a result.

and Finally Dwayne himself as the Night Thrasher was an orphan who had money, power and little else. He needed direction. Becoming Night Thrasher was the 1st Part, building a team was the final piece if the puzzle.

Now Dwayne Taylor had his Own Fantastic Foursome.

The Brains and Leader of the Group was his role . Like Mr Fantastic, Dwayne believed he  was an ideal leader, he had the resources to help fund the Group, and he had the technical know how as well.

The Power House of the Group would be Kid Nova. Like Ben Grimm the Thing, Nova was good in a fight and was extremely powerful too.

The Human Torch roll was to be Firestar's . Angelica Jones may not have been a Hot Head like Johnny Storm, but her Miro Wave Fire Powers made her again a very powerful asset.

The Final member was Marvel Boy, Vance Astrovik like Susan Richards aka the Invisible Woman appeared on the surface the weakest link, BUT like Sue, Vance's Power should not be under estimated, Reed Richards had always known that his wife had the potential to be the Most Powerful Member of the FF.... and this same ideology applied to Marvel Boy too. Vance was still getting to grips with is powers, and day by day they were increasing in strength.

With Firestar joining the team, the Foursome was now complete, however circumstances would mean that  two further members would be added, in the groups initial baptism  of fire.


More of the two new members next Time

Until Then ENJOY !

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