Wednesday, 27 March 2013

THE NEW WARRIORS Part Three Richard Rider becomes NOVA AGAIN !

Dwayne Taylor aka the new vigilante Hero called The NIGHT THRASHER was in the process of putting together his version of a Fantastic Four style super Hero Group.

He of course was the Leader, so the Mr Fantastic Roll was already taken by him. Next he needed someone as powerful as The Thing., and he knew exactly who he wanted.

Richard Rider had settled back into NORMAL life after the time he had spent as NOVA the Human Rocket. After being striped of his powers by the Queen Adora of XANDAR for the good of that planet,  Richard had taken a  job in a fast food restaurant as due to his time as Nova had never found the time to finish his education. And without any proper qualifications, Richard found finding well paid work a problem.

Making no where near enough money to live on and pay rent, Richards life was at rock bottom. His life was a mess, most of his friends had moved on, and his own family life was strained also. Spending so much time as Nova had distanced him from much of his old life.

He longed to be a Nova Centurion again, and contacted Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four to ask for help restoring his Nova powers.  Reed agreed to help Richard, but was not hopeful he could help. After a series of tests Reed told Richard that he need time to analyse the data. Reed shared come of his findings with other great scientists in a bid to help Richards plea.  Reed had determined that Richard still had the ability to access the Nova Force, but as this ability had been buried so deep in his being, the likely hood of him being able to access the Nova Force again were very slim.  Also as News had been provided to the Avengers that XANDAR had yet again been destroyed, the chances of  Richards dream of being a Nova Centurion had also diminished.

As the weeks moved on, it dawned on Richard that if even the greatest scientific minds on the planet could not restore his Nova powers he would have to accept that his days as a Human Rocket were truly over.

The information that Reed Richards had gathered on Richard Rider had been routinely shared with the law - enforcement such as The Avengers, The US government and   S.H.I.E.L.D.

Night Thrasher would later come across this data, whilst he had hacked into SHIELD's data base during his own search for potential members for his own Super Team. The information on Richard Rider interested Night Thrasher, who believed he had a way of reuniting Richard Rider with the Nova Force, A cure that would if successful would mean that Nova the Human Rock  would live again, or if unsuccessful could kill Richard Rider stone dead.

Dwayne Taylor had deduced from the stolen data that Richards powers were not completely gone. After further study he again deduced that Rider's powers lay dormant inside the young man's body,  and was convinced  that a high-stress situation will be enough to reactivate Rider's powers. Thus Richard would becomes NOVA again and NIGHT THRASHER would get a grateful new recruit to his new team of Super Heroes. To that end, Night Thrasher kidnapped  Rider and dropped him off the roof of a multi-story building.

NIGHT THRASHER tests his own theories  about Richard Riders  LOST Powers. 
The fall causes Rider's powers to reignite from within him, saving his life...... lucky for Richard !

Although highly annoyed at Night Thrasher's cavalier attitude, Rider joins Night Thrashers superhero group as he feels he owes Night Thrasher a debt after restoring his Nova Powers..... and giving him a purpose again.

However, although Richard could now access the Nova Force again, he found that he was not as powerful as he originally was. Also he did not have and extra powers and abilities that he once had from his original Nova Centurion costume or Helmet, as these where not re created when he regained his Nova Powers.

With the help and resources of Dwayne Taylor's family fortune, Richard and Dwayne create a new Nova uniform. This uniform was different to the official Nova Centurion one he once worn, and due to it not being as indestructible and self repairing as the Xandarian original, Richard and Dwayne would be constantly re designing and improving it.  For a time he adopted the name KID NOVA, but soon he would drop the Kid and would call himself Nova and dress in a similar costume to his original one.

A long while later, Richard would have the chance to return to Xandar (rebuilt yet again) here he would receive a New Nova Prime Uniform, and would have his abilities and power increased as a result.

Next Time another New Member for the team,


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