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Dwayne Michael Taylor as a child saw his wealthy parents murdered before his very eyes. This event drove him to hone himself both in body and in mind into a human fighting machine, who's main reason for living was the  pursuit of justice.

This revenge did not just stop at bringing his parents killers to justice, it would continue on and became his obsession to punish all evil and wrong doers too. To revenge the evil acts  that some dealt out to less fortunate people. To punish the Bullies, to punish Murders, to punish all who would inflict hurt on anyone else weaker than themselves.... this was Dwayne Taylor dream.

He had earlier on in his career designed a battle suit along with various equipment that would help him fight crime. As he had the resources of his parents business empire and fortune, he was able to employ the best there was to help design and build his Battle Armour. Most of the people working on the suit only knew what part or device  they where building,  and Not what its was to be used for OR what the  true purpose was...... This way  Dwayne would be able to keep his identity as a  masked   Vigilante a secret.  Dwayne also decided that he would operate in secret, and try his best to avoid any publicity that some heroes attracted.

The First Two Versions of the Night Thrasher  Battle Suit 

He operated as The Night Thrasher mainly  at night, and started his fight against low level criminal types who prayed on others, but soon he he knew that to stop the rot he needed to aim a little bit higher and decided to target the heads of crime families and organisations.

To say that Dwayne Taylor's back story and back ground   was similar to a certain Bruce Wayne and his Dark Knight alter ego, would be more than a Little bit true.  A Millionaire who was orphaned as a child after seeing his parents murdered !!!!, then  donning a mask and fighting crime at night.   Night Thrasher may not have worn a cape or painted a Bat on his chest, but his methods were very similar.

Night Thrasher fighting Crime at Street Level.

Anyway, Dwayne or The Night Thrasher as he called himself, knew that he could not fight  all crime alone. He needed a team or specialists who would be able to help him achieve  his goal. He had studied other groups of Super Heroes and found that the ideal model for a successful team was the Fantastic Four.

So taking into consideration each of the FF's team members and abilities, Night Thrasher was able look to form  his own version of  the Fantastic Foursome.

He knew that the Reed Richards leadership roll was his,  he felt that Mr Fantastic's Mind, and leadership skills  were  Reed's real strength, not his stretching powers.

Now he needed someone with the Power of Ben Grimm aka The Thing, the Flaming Powers of Johnny Storm the Human Torch and the unique abilities of Susan Richards, aka The Invisible Woman.

Night Thrasher research all of the younger Super Heroes that lived and operated out of New York City. He decided that Younger Heroes would be easier to mold into a strong fighting force. Having picked his 3 other potential  members of his team he went about recruiting them, one by one.

His first Target would be his Power House, his answer to The Thing.

Next time we will meet the first new recruit, who turned out to have lost his cosmic powers.

A clue to the First New Recruit 

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