Tuesday, 29 November 2011


When young Lawyer JEN-SNIFFER WATERBOWL received a phone call from her cousin, she was surprised. She was more surprised when he asked to come to stay with her. They had not been close for years, but family is family they say.

She was confused when her Cousin Doctor Bruce Boner arrived and asked her to help him hide. Her confused state  turned to amazement when cousin Bruce told Jen-sniffer that many years before he had a little accident that caused him to transform into the not so jolly green giant...... THE HOUNDED HULK.  Bruce begged Jen to help him hide out whilst he tried to find a cure for his transformations.  Jen agreed.

However, Jen-sniffer was a legal eagle, and this had brought her into conflict with a criminal gang who wanted  to kill her.  Before she and cousin Bruce could set up home together, Jen was shot.

Bruce rushed her to the local hospital to save her life, but due to Jen's rare blood type, the hospital were unable to give her the life saving transfusion she needed. Bruce knew that without a transfusion his cousin would die, so he decided to give her some of his Gamma Irradiated Blood. He knew it was risky, but Jen-sniffer was dying.

The transfusion was a success, and Jen made a full recovery, every one was happy, except the criminals who decided to try to kill Jen again.  BUT when they came to the hospital to assassinate her, Jen-sniffer transformed into The Savage SHE-HOUNDED HULK,  and with her new found powers was able to fight off her attackers..... and wreck most of the Hospital at the same time.


Unlike Bruce, who when he became the Hounded Hulk his personality was replaced by an angry and sometimes child like being..... The She-Hounded Hulk had mostly Jen-sniffer's mind, but not her timidness or moral and reserved standards. At first she was treated as a threat like the Hounded Hulk, but over time she was seen as a hero. Where Bruce would change to his green alter ego when threaten, Jen-sniffer remained in her SHE- HOUNDED HULK form most of the time. In the end she hated being plain weak Jen-sniffer, and opted to be Green Jen-sniffer at all times. Although she had the ability to transform back to Jen-sniffer she rarely did. 

Also unlike cousin  Bruce,  her Hulked form was not monstrous like his.  She was something akin  to a big green amazon goddess. Her original savage nature would mellow in time, and soon she would be asked to join the premier team of Hero Hounds....... The Avenging Hounds.

BUT more of that next time.


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