Wednesday, 5 January 2011


This was my first ever Comic Book cover that I adapted.   Done as a Christmas Card way back in    2008 for my friends at my local comic store   A PLACE IN SPACE

Based on Fantastic Four #3 this was more of a correct, cut and paste job..... but doing this gave me a lot of knowledge of how to, and what looked good.

The Comic Book Store had a pet Poodle, Buddy so that is why his name appears on the cover.

When Buddy later died, (of old age) I decided to use my Poodle Dawg  on the next years Xmas card, and the name Buddy seemed perfect.

The A P I S ( A Place In Space ) Four are supposed to be be the staff at the Shop .   So thanks to Alison, Steve, Dan & Chris from APIS and Stan & Jack of course.

Sorry that picture not great quality, but this picture has suffered the transfer from my old PC to my New


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