Tuesday, 6 June 2017

YESTERDAYS HEROES The Spainish call him the FOX..... we know him as ZORRO

Created in 1919 by America Writer John McCulley , his tales of Don Diego De La Vega during the mid 1800's became a hit with the readers old and young.

Setting his stories during the Mexican Rule of California, by day Don Diego was a Californian Nobleman  who showed little regard to the ill treatment of the Spanish overlords and military that controlled the lands, but at night Don Diego donned his disguise and became Zorro or the Fox to fight for the rights of the poor and weak and badly treated people of the land.

Although over the years the character has been updated and changed, he is basically a dashing Masked outlaw who defends those who are oppressed.

He is called Zorro (Spanish for Fox) as he shows cunning and fox like characteristics in his war against the authorities and evil doers.

ZORRO the Hero of the People

His main weapon is his sword which he uses to both defend himself and leave his trade mark Z as this calling card. Also he is a master of the Bull Whip and an expert horseman.

By 1920 he made his debuted on the silver screen in the silent movie "The Mask of Zorro" played by who was at the time the most famous actor Douglas Fairbanks.

Over the years Zorro has stared in many films, had a long running TV series made by Disney in the 1950's, had his own Radio Show and cartoon series.

He may be a no more than a reworking of  Robin Hood, but you could say that BAT-MAN who was publishes nearly 20 years later  was a reworking of Zorro.

But at the end of the day, Young Boys and their Fathers loved the Swash Buckling antics and excitement of Zorro, and the ladies too loved the Dashing Romantic looking Hero in the Black Mask and Hat.


Next time another some what forgotten hero.

Until then ENJOY "

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